History of the College

The constructing of the first wing of the Dormitory, which belongs to the Vehicular and Telecommunicate Technical College, was finished in September of 1974. The environment is breath-taking, because the dormitory is lying on the riverside of the Danube. In 1975 and 1976 the building extended with two other wings. There are 3-beded double rooms with one water block. The three wings give 1200 place to live for the students, in addition there are places for teachers and for students in correspondence training and distant learning course.

The building of the Dormitory is harmonizing with the other parts of the University. One lounge belongs to every corridor. To help the architect and civil engineer students there is a lounge with helpful modern technical equipments.

The offices of the student organizations are running there too. It gives you the opportunity to do other social activities next to your studies.

The doors and windows are renovated continuously, the fire escapes are renovated and there are brand new kitchens and a well-equipped laundry on the second floor of the K2 building. These improvements help the life of the collegians.

In addition there is a buffet, gym, surgery, dentist’s surgery and copier.

The dormitory lease out the rooms in summertime and on the weekends.