Hegedűs Gyula Dormitory (On Campus Hostel) - accommodation for exchange students

On the waterfront of Mosoni-Danube lies next to the University the building complex of the hostel. (There are three wings)

In the room there are three/two beds (with bedcloths only) table, shelves in the room, refrigerator, and also access to cable-TV, and Internet. Two rooms and one bathroom is a living unity, toilets are on the corridors as well.

Every corridor has a common kitchen, and the kitchens are equipped with built-in furniture, cooking facilities and store. For the safety of the student a fingerprints check-in is also operating, but only for the resident students. Every exchange student who lives in the hostel has an entrance card. To welcome guest in the hostel is up until 22.00.

The student organizations work in the hostel and the closeness of the university helps to join the community life. There are also many eating and entertaining opportunities in the surrounding of the university.

There are further services on the Campus or very near it. You have the possibility of copying, you can go have lunch at the canteen, or you can use the fitness club and the laundry. (The washing machines are working with 100 HUF coins)

Multifunctional building (K1-K10)

The already existing Hegedus Gyula Dormitory consisting of three 6-storey buildings have been expanded with two 9-storey buildings in the area of Széchenyi István University.
The building is modern and well-equipped according to XXI. century expectations and requirements. In the multifunctional building, public and multifunctional spaces, lounges have been created that support the habitants’ cultural, entertaining and scientific activities. The new building wing provides high-standard accommodation as a varied range of services is available on site. The new parts of the dormitory were finished at the end of June 2017, hosting first the athletes of the European Youth Olympic Games. Since then, the Széchenyi István University operates and uses the building as a dormitory. The aim of the implementation was to create a complex space which is regarded by the students not only as a dormitory but also as a place,
where everything is available for them: learning, entertainment and culture.
On the ground floor of the buildings, a reception desk can be found (K1 and K0 reception desks), where entrance gates help smooth entries. The new buildings are attached to the already existing buildings, hence, all the 5 wings are accessible from inside. In K1 and K0 there are altogether 566 rooms (6 rooms are for students with reduced mobility) for 1120 people. In K0 building, there is 302 rooms and in K1 building, 258 rooms have been constructed. In the two buildings there are altogether 283 bathrooms, that means that 1 bathroom belongs to 1 apartment (2 rooms). The apartment like arrangement of the housing units means that from the entrance hall, entirely separate entrances lead to the bathroom and the toilet. The bathroom and the toilet are used by 4 people, the habitants of the two rooms. Each apartment has two rooms with separate entrances. Basically the rooms are equipped with twin beds. Against one of the walls, there are the twin beds and a double door cupboard, while on the other side of the room, there are two desks with chairs. There are also 4 shelves on the walls. In the entrance hall, there is also a cupboard and a refrigerator for the residents. The floor plan and the furnishing of the room can be seen on the following layout.

The city center is 10 minutes away, and you also can use the ’City’ bus, which bus line can be used for free.

Address: 9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1.


Phone: +36 96/503-448

Dormitories for Hungarian students:

Famulus Hostel

The Famulus Student Hostel in Budai Street functions as a high quality student hostel. The apartments are comfortable for students. The residents of the hostel can use the bowling and squash facilities of the Famulus Hotel at a discount price.


Live in the centre of the city at a high level in the Residence hall of Budai street! The residence hall of the University, close to Árkád Mall, ten-minute walk from the centre. The apartments are located on three upstairs floors. The comfort of the residents is provided by four-person flats (2 double rooms) with shower and restroom. The kitchens are equipped with built-in furniture, refrigerator, cooking facilities and store. All apartments have internet access and telephone lines to assist the studies. Non-stop reception assure security. A lounge can be found at the end of the corridor on every floor in the building, the cafeteria and the bicycle store are in the hall, and on the ground floor a room for receiving guests, a lecture-room (club), a computer room and a copy shop are situated. The laundry and an aerobic room are in the basement (a fitness centre can be found in the neighbouring building). The residents can use the bowling and squash courts of the model hotel at a discount price.The near Árkád Mall offers shopping and a wide range of services.The residence hall closely cooperate with the model hotel, which mean temporary work for the students, for example, during programmes.Comfort await you in Budai street!

Address: 9027 Győr, Budai út 4-6.


Phone: +36 96/547-734; +36 30/538-9114

Reception: +36 96/541-722

Mészáros Lőrinc street Outside Dormitory (Off Campus Hostel)

The University can be reached by local bus in 15 minutes. The building was handed over in 2003. The apartments are suited for two or three person with the same condition like the on campus hostel. Two living unity has a common hall, includes a tea kitchen (without equipments) and a bathroom (with toilet). The apartments also have connection possibilities to cable TV and Internet.

The outside hostel has a relaxed atmosphere and the modern utilities are providing a good environment for relaxing.

Address: 9023 Győr Mészáros Lőrinc u. 18. 

Phone: +36 96/503-448